What’s New for Ski Tech in 2016?

Things You Need For A Skiing Holiday

What's New for Ski Tech in 2016

There is always something new and exciting to try in the world of technology and this year, there are some cool ski techs you don’t want to miss out, for your next holiday.


Drones are one of the latest gadgets to hit the slopes this year. It is the new way to capture your adventures on the slopes. The ‘Lily Drone’ doesn’t require any remote control, just a GPS tracker worn on the wrist. Its waterproof features enable users to even safely land it on water.

Simply throw the drone into the air and it will start hovering, following and filming you from whatever angle you wish to be filmed.

Ski With Me 

Free messenger app, Ski With Me enables the user to chat and connect with other people looking to ski or snowboard with someone. It is the ideal app for those looking for a ski buddy on the slopes. Users can see who has checked in at nearby mountains, search by resort or find out which mountains their friends are riding through Facebook connect.

Heated Boot Bag

The Rossignol heated boot bag effectively dries and warms your ski boots on the go. It is made with 600D polyester and PVC coating featuring a large boot compartment and pockets for helmets and other accessories. This handy hi tech heated bag can be connected to 220V or 12DC which enables you to charge it at home or in the car while on the road to and from the resort.


TraxPlay is a great way to keep track of your kids on the slopes and elsewhere. One of its unique features is Geofences, which allows users to demarcate areas enabling alerts whenever a Trax GPS tracker enters or exits the area. This easy to use free app notifies users whenever a child moves outside the marked area or is moving above a certain speed.


SkyTechSport is a virtual reality simulator that allows users to experience the intense downhill G-force effects of a real ski slope. Apart from the vibration and compression effects, the other sensing features picks up all other movements and enables the user to experience the slope’s well carved turns, different snow conditions and even the visuals in front of them.

The Sky Tech’s simulators are a great way for off season training and the opportunity to virtually ski the top ski slopes in the world. The experience created by Sky Tech is so realistic, as the actual mountains are GPS scanned in their entirety and delivered in meticulous detail that every turn, bump and jump are done according to the actual course.

Bluetooth Gloves

The BearTek Bluetooth Gloves is the next big thing in glove technology. The smart gloves are designed to integrate directly with your blue tooth devices. Simply connect the module inside the smart glove to activate the finger touch controls. The index finger is a touch sensor and can play or change music, answer or reject calls and control the volume. It’s a guarantee, that we will be seeing a lot of these wireless gloves on the slopes this winter season.

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