The Top 10 Tips For A Family Skiing Holiday

Family Skiing Holiday

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There are many factors to consider when planning a family skiing holiday so here are some helpful tips to plan the ideal ski holiday.

Tip 1- When to go

The most popular and high peak seasons are during Christmas, New Year, Easter and February half term which coincide with school holidays so it is important to book in advance. Low season months are during January, March and April, which is ideal for families with smaller kids and also best for families travelling on a budget when accommodation and travel prices are low.

Tip 2- Childcare

Choose a tour operator that offers childcare such as in house nannies, baby equipment and crèches. It is essential to book ahead as demand for these services is high. On a family ski holiday children might want a break from skiing and the parents would sometimes also love to go skiing without the children so arranging childcare before the holiday is vital.

Tip 3- Beginners

For those skiing for the first time, it is always good to book a taster session before venturing out into the slopes. The session will help build up the confidence for any beginner.

Tip 4- Family friendly resort

Look for a family friendly resort and check the type of childcare and instruction required for the children. Most operators offer specific packages along with discounts on accommodation and ski packs.

Tip 5- Monitor children’s time in the snow.

It is a good idea to limit the children’s time in the snow as they are less keen then adult skiers and cannot endure too much of the cold and can tire easily.

Tip 6- Protection

The cold wintry environment can be a challenge for young babies and kids and it is important to protect them from the harsh elements such as the sun, snow reflected light, altitude and other forms of exposure.

Tip 7- Being positive

Make the most of the holiday by staying positive. This will help everyone enjoy the whole holiday experience. If parents are anxious, children can easily pick up on it and become nervous but if parents are positive and encouraging, children respond well and stay calm, relaxed and have fun.

Tip 8- Lift passes

Make sure that the lift passes for the children are kept inside their zip pockets and not for anything else to ensure that it doesn’t get lost and left behind at the accommodation.

Tip 9- Energy snacks

Skiing can make you quite tired as it is an energy burner hence it is always handy to carry some energy snacks while the family is out skiing. Children become cranky and start to whine once they get tired however energy food like cereal bars, bananas, biscuits and drinks will keep them going.

Tip 10- Proper clothing

It is very important to pack all the proper gear before the holiday including ski gloves, sun glasses, sun cream and goggles. It also helps to dress the children in layers of clothing so they can easily take some of it off when it gets warm. Some good pairs of ski socks that are close fitting will prevent blisters and make the ski boots fit better.

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