Things You Need For A Skiing Holiday

A Guide to Airlines Ski Baggage Allowance

Ski holiday packing list

Making a checklist of the things you need for a holiday has always been part and parcel for any holiday maker. However, it is slightly different for a skiing holiday, especially those concerning safety, equipment, luggage restrictions, proper clothing etc.

So here is list of things to consider and pack before you go on your ski holiday.

Safety first

Items that are a must on the slopes for your safety includes bringing along your own ski helmets, ski goggles, sunglasses, sunscreen, lippy and a transceiver for emergency situations.


Nobody ever goes on a holiday without one these days but this is one piece of document you should never forget to take especially on a holiday that involves a winter sport.

Travel Documents

Your passport, airline tickets, currency, airport parking vouchers, booking confirmation, operator invoice and resort and accommodation address at hand.

Ski clothing

The all very important clothing items include gloves, ski jacket, ski pants, ski base layer and lots of socks, ideally, a pair of socks for every day of the trip.

Own ski boots

Ski boots are available to rent at most outlets but it is best to invest in a pair of good quality ski boots. Renting one can cause cramps and blisters especially when they are not the right fit and make you feel extremely uncomfortable. So investing in one before your holiday will make it worthwhile.

Normal clothing

Remember, most of the time you will be in your ski clothing every day so it is likely that you will be wearing ordinary clothing for a limited period of time. So keep it minimal as most of the luggage allowance will be taken up by the ski gears.
Slippers, two pairs of trousers, a jumper, a warm hat, a couple of t-shirts and three or four pairs of underwear should do the trick.

To rent or buy

If you are a professional skier, then it is something you needn’t worry about but if you are someone who is a first timer or someone who doesn’t own one yet, renting ski equipment is the best option. Renting can not only save you money from purchasing new ski equipment’s but also save you the hassle of dealing with luggage restrictions. Another plus point is that you can get a chance to try out different ski gear brands at the rental outlets and decide which one you are most comfortable with before you go on to buy one if you decide to invest in skiing equipment’s.

Other Essentials

Toiletries, plug in adaptors, travel wash, basic first aid kit and possibly a small flask to enjoy a cuppa anywhere up in the mountains.


Some tips for your holiday is to stay well hydrated at all times and avoid drinking more than you should the night before you hit the slopes.
Download some cool ski apps so you are familiar with the terrain, current snow conditions, resort map etc.

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