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Beginner Skiing: Frequently Asked Questions…

If you’re a beginner and are going skiing for the first time then no doubt you’ll have a lot of questions for your ski instructor. Here are the most common questions, fully answered by Mark, an instructor at Sweet Snowsports.

  1. Which is easier, skiing or snowboarding?

    Skiing, everytime. It’s cooler, easier, the progression is much more manageable (and you can ski with your children if they are learning too!)

  2. Do I really need lessons?

    Lessons are essential. You simply can’t teach yourself, there are too many variables (snow, physical fitness, attitude, weather, kit etc!) YouTube tutorials offer an insight to build an understanding of the basics, but once you’re on the slopes you won’t necessarily be aware of what you should be doing. There really is no substitute for a qualified instructor who is trained to look out for things you’re doing wrong or right and help you to get to the next stage more quickly and to avoid injury. We would always recommend doing the basics on a local dry slope or in snow dome, this will allow to you make the most of the amazing ski area to you have access to and get value out of your lift pass.

  3. Will I be any good?

    Watching some skiing videos would definitely help, which will give you an insight into what to expect in the first couple of sessions. Sweet Snowsports’ handpicked team of instructors will ensure that you are never taken to any terrain that isn’t suitable or that you are not comfortable with. We will help to build confidence and skills on terrain that is appropriate before progressing anything more challenging, ensuring that the needs of the learner(s) are our absolute focus. So in short, yes – we’ll help you to be good!

  4. Will it hurt?

    Not many sports are completely without risk! But physical preparation definitely makes learning to ski easier. You don’t need to be a marathon runner but some sessions on the stepper and static bike in the run up to your holiday will pay dividends. Being supple also helps; people that do yoga or pilates are far less likely to injure themselves and will find it easier to flex inside the ski boot. Being fit will prevent injury and make sure those muscles aren’t too sore. If you are lucky enough to be staying in a chalet with a hot tub, steam room or sauna then that’s also a great way to ease any aches ready for the next day!

  5. Any top tips for beginners?

    Yes! Pace yourself, be safe and take ski lessons! Read more beginners’ tips here.



Mark Birch, Sweet Snowsports

“My skiing career started at the age of about 11 but only lasted a couple of holidays before snowboarding caught my fancy and took me into my 20’s. Then I found skiing again and thankfully my second attempt has been much longer lasting than my first!

I taught skiing in Switzerland, Italy and at Hemel Hempstead before gaining the necessary qualifications to teach in France which is where I now live with my family. I have been skiing in the 3 Valleys for 9 years now and I can honestly say that the 3 Valleys cannot be beaten for its all-round appeal, there is genuinely something for everyone: a no compromise multi-level ski resort with some truly awesome slopes and easily accessible off-piste for those wanting to venture further afield.”


  • BASI Alpine Level 4 ISTD
  • BASI European Mountain Safety
  • Full French Equivalence
  • CSCF Level 2 Coaching
  • BASI L1 Snowboard
  • Offshore Yacht Master



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