New Trending Skis for 2016

New Trending Skis for 2016

New Trending Skis for 2016

Besides high tech upgrades, a clear growing trend in the ski business is that skis are getting lighter and easier to handle without any compromise on the performance front. As Martin Bell, Telegraph Ski and Snowboard equipment editor, explains,

Materials like titanium, carbon, and basalt have been used in skis for many years. But now, manufacturers are using more sophisticated weaves and alloys of these materials, combined with lighter wood cores, to make skis that are lighter than ever, but with no loss of grip and stability.

Here is a look at some of the best skis for 2016:

Volkl RTM 75

The Volkl RTM 75 is guaranteed to make any skier perform better. Its newly redesigned tip rocker enables skiers to make turns with much more ease even at high speed. The wood core construction guarantees prime flex and the progressive technology provide a soft shift between drifting and edged turns.

Head Primal Instinct

The Head Primal Instinct is ideal for those skiers at the beginner to intermediate level. The instinct is easy to handle and provide skiers the right balance especially those who lack miles under their skis. It is light and responsive enabling the ski experience to be smooth and pleasurable.

Volkl 100 Eight

The Volkl 100 Eight is truly versatile and good value for money. The skis are suitable for both entry level skiers as well as advanced skiers. It provides skiers with maximum agility and comes with 3D.Ridge technology for everyday skiing on any terrain.

Fischer Ranger 108 Ti

The Fischer Ranger 108 Ti  is capable of handling any type of terrain whilst delivering maximum responsiveness and easy access to power at any speed. The skis are thicker at the centre with thinner edge construction for ease of commencement and better power. The ski performs better at higher and faster speed.

Armada AR7

The Armada AR7 is built for serious park skiers. It is solid, reliable, quick, responsive and great for big jumps. The sidewalls are designed to reduce swing weight and increase durability. The AR7 has been one of the main skis in the Armada product range for many years and has remained largely popular for its versatility. The skis carry on dominating the market as Armada continues to make a few changes to its design every year.

Scott Superguide 95

The Scott Superguide 95 is great for high performance backcountry ski. It is designed to provide skiers with ease of use while touring, as the wood core is combined with carbon and kelvar, intended to make the skis as lightweight as possible. Other features include pro-tip rocker to make turn initiation easier and 3Dimension sidecut technology to provide edge control.

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