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Ski Wear Buyers Guide 2015

There is nothing better than wearing the latest ski clothing and accessories when you hit the slopes this year for your ski holiday. 2015 Ski wear is dominated by many new additions ranging from cool hard/soft shells, insulated system, superior stretch for smooth movement, creative venting system, body mapping designs for optimal performance, hi tech innovations, brand new styles, specific features and materials specially designed for the type of snow sports you love.

A Guide to the Best Ski Goggles 2015

Zeal Optics HD Camera goggles Zeal Optics HD Camera ski goggles is not only just a snow goggle with cool features , built inside this hi tech gadget is a video camera that captures all your exploits on the slopes in full 1080p. Apart from that the lens itself shoots at a 170 degree angle […]

The History of the Ski Chalet Holiday

The word chalet is derived from the Latin word ‘Calittum’ meaning ‘Shelter’ or ‘Hut of a Herder’. A chalet otherwise known as Swiss chalet is native to the Alpine region of Europe. The dictionary defines a chalet as ‘A wooden dwelling with a sloping roof and widely overhanging eaves, common in Switzerland and other Alpine regions.

The History of Skiing

Early rock paintings and skis preserved in marshlands show that people used skis over 5000 years ago. The oldest evidence was a wooden ski found during an archaeological excavation at Lake Sindor in Moscow dating back to 6300-5000 B.C.

The Top 10 Tips For A Family Skiing Holiday

There are many factors to consider when planning a family skiing holiday so here are some helpful tips to plan the ideal ski holiday. The most popular and high peak seasons are during Christmas, New Year, Easter and February half term which coincide with school holidays so it is important to book in advance. Low season months are during January, March and April, which is ideal for families with smaller kids and also best for families travelling on a budget when accommodation and travel prices are low.

La Tania Ski Resort – The Secret Of The 3 Valleys

La Tania is located right at the centre of the 3 valleys, nestled in the heart of a magnificent forest. It is a family friendly pedestrian ski resort in the Courchevel valley just 25 minutes drive from Moutiers, which is the access point to the 3 valleys. The resort sits at a height of 1400 meters and is the youngest among the other ski resorts within the valley.

The Three Vallees Ski Area, France

The Three Valleys is located in the ski region of Tarentaise Valley, Savoie Department of France to the south of the town of Moûtiers making it the largest ski area in the world connected solely by ski lifts and slopes.

Christmas 2014 Snow Report

Currently across the Three Valleys there are 69 lifts and 111 pistes open and more are opening all of the time. We do need more snow but we are still luckier than most resorts in France as many cannot even open this weekend due to lack of snow. It needs to go colder to for […]

Different Types of Skiing

Skiing has evolved a great deal over the years into many different disciplines. The invention of advanced skiing equipment’s has led to different types and styles of skiing. Currently the various skiing techniques are all regulated by the International Ski Federation (IFS) and every year different organisations arranges numerous events.

The Top 10 Fun Facts About Skiing

Skiing was originally a form of transportation in Europe before it became a sport. The oldest documented evidence of skiing is found in the region of Norway and Sweden from primitive carvings dating back to 5000 B.C. Until the 1800’s skiing was primarily used only for transport, it was after the turn of the 18th century that it became a recreational sport. Commercially the popularity of skiing holidays took off in the 19th century which increased substantially during the mid-1900s until today.