A Guide to Airlines Ski Baggage Allowance

A Guide to Airlines Ski Baggage Allowance

Up until 2009, most airlines allowed passengers to carry their skis and other related items for free but since 2010, airlines began to introduce charges in efforts to keep fares down and make up for other airline costs.

Some airlines still continue to include ski items as part of the free baggage allowance however most airlines now put an extra charge for these items. All airlines have their own set of rules and regulations regarding the carriage of ski items. Some prices charged by airlines for ski carriage are now so high that the option of storage and delivery might seem like good value and a better alternative to get ski equipment’s to your holiday destination. For example, some reputed companies offering this type of services are Doorstep Skis and Piste of Mind.

Here is a list of busy airlines travelling to popular ski resorts and their charges for ski carriage.

Airlines Bags Total Weight Price per bag (online) Price per bag (Airport) Charge for skis and boots (online) Charge for skis and boots (airport)
BA 1 23kg free free £60 per flight £65 per flight
easyJet 1 20kg £12 – £22 per flight £32 at bag drop or £45 at the gate per flight £30 per flight £40 per flight
Flybe 1-2 15-40kg £16.50-47 per flight n/a n/a £30 per flight
Helvetic 1 23kg free free CHF 15-40 (calculated per set of skis)per flight CHF 15-40 per flight
Jet 2 Up to 3 22kg per bag charge for each bag is variable depending on your destination charge for each bag is variable depending on your destination £25 per flight £30 per flight
Little Red 1 23kg free free free free
Monarch Up to 3 20kg £9.99- £34.99 per flight £30 per flight £24.99 per flight £30 per flight
Ryanair 1-2 15-20kg £15- £45 per flight £30-£75 per flight £40 per flight £45 per flight
Swiss 1 23kg free free free free

*The information provided is based on the latest 2015 figures. However, fees may change depending on the airline, so double check with the concerned airline before you fly.

Additional Information

British Airways

  • The airline accepts ski items up to 190cm in length which should be packed in a proper ski bag.
  • Ski poles are expected to be packed along with the skis.
  • Ski boots should be packed separately and can be included in your free baggage allowance.


  • Skis including boots and poles can be carried in addition to your check in baggage allowance.
  • An additional non-refundable fee is charged for each sports item carried.
  • In cases where ski boots are carried without the skis, they can be accepted as part of your normal standard check in baggage allowance.


  • Skis can be pre-booked within 24 hours of making the flight booking through the call centre.
  • There is a limit on the number of skis that can be carried on the aircraft. Therefore, if the ski number has already reached its carrying capacity on the flight, you can cancel the booking with no charge within 24 hours.


  • Ski equipment which includes one pair of skis, a pair of poles and ski boots can be carried free of charge within the free baggage limit.
  • Charges apply for excess baggage, at the rate of CHF 15.00 to a maximum of CHF 40.00 which is calculated per set of skis.

Jet 2

  • A single item of baggage should not weigh more than 32 kilos.
  • The charge for each bag varies depending on your destination and whether you make your booking via the website, call centre or the airport.

Little Red

  • Carriage of ski gear is free in addition to your free baggage allowance as long as it doesn’t exceed 23 kilos.
  • Ski equipment includes one pair of skis, ski boots, ski poles and a ski helmet.


  • Ski item weighting over 20 kilo allowance is charged at the excess baggage rate.
  • Ski gears are charged per item.


  • Ski equipment is subjected to no extra cost as long as you do not exceed the free baggage allowance.
  • Ski items include skis, ski poles, ski boots and ski helmet.
  • If your baggage is heavier or larger than the standard allowance, the first equipment is free and thereafter a charge of CHF 60 applies.

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