First time skier?

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Heading off on a ski holiday soon?

Don’t make these 5 mistakes which could spoil your trip!

  1. Don’t get dehydrated

    It’s SO easy to forget to drink water when there’s such lovely coffee, cold beer, toffee vodka, vin chaud, genepi… But water is the one thing that your body desperately needs when a) you’re doing lots of exercise b) getting hot and c) at altitude in the dry air of the mountains. Do yourself a favour and bring a refillable bottle and keep topping it up through the day.

  2. Don’t let your friends or family teach you to ski

    It’s very kind of them to offer, but really – just as when you learn to drive – you’re much better off if a person you love isn’t teaching you! Yes it’s more expensive to take lessons, but it will definitely be worth the investment as you’ll make quicker progress and the instructor will ensure you go at YOUR pace. Which leads us onto…

  3. Putting yourself in danger

    This means taking it slowly when you’re in a busy spot, it means not being pressured into doing things you’re not ready for, it means not being drunk or horrendously hungover when you are on the slopes. All those things can make you lose your balance, lose control and end up crashing!

  4. Going without a helmet

    Hire one and wear it whenever you’re skiing or boarding. It’s an extreme sport, with other skiers, rocks and machinery all within a couple of metres distance, so now’s not the time to be worrying about your hair!

  5. Not getting insurance

    It’s easy to forget and leave this until the last minute, but – should you happen to end up in the medical centre – you’ll be glad you spent the price of a couple of pints on proper winter-sports insurance. We can add Carre Neige mountain rescue to your lift pass as well – ask us about this if you’re not sure.

Enough of the sensible stuff, here’s to a week of awesome experiences, breathtaking scenery and epic levels of fun with your family and friends! Read our beginner’s guide for first time skiers and snowboarders here.


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