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The Top 10 Skiing Instagram Accounts To Follow

Get a regular dose of snowy pictures and follow these top 10 skiing instagram accounts! These skiers have huge followings and are leading the way in freeride and freestyle skiing... And don't forget we also have a Ski Magic instagram, we'd…
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What’s New for Ski Tech in 2016?

There is always something new and exciting to try in the world of technology and this year, there are some cool ski techs you don't want to miss out, for your next holiday. Drones Drones are one of the latest gadgets to hit the slopes…
Things You Need For A Skiing Holiday

Ski Jargon Buster

How well do you know your ski jargon? If you don’t want to sound awkward on the slopes this year and make sense of what you are trying to say, here are some ski jargons you should know. A Air - Jumping off the snow. Avie - Avalanche. B Bombing…
Things You Need For A Skiing Holiday

The Best Avalanche Airbags 2015

Avalanches have always been a big threat to skiers and snowboarders and this has brought more attention to the business of avalanche safety. People in search of powder regardless of the danger are pushing brands and designers to come up…
Things You Need For A Skiing Holiday

The World Ski Awards 2015

The World Ski Awards aims to improve standards within the ski industry by rewarding organisations that are leaders in their field. The award organisers explain that, World Ski Awards was developed in reaction to overwhelming demand…
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Ski and Snowboarding Events 2015/2016

Red Bull Freestyle.ch 26th -27th September 2015 - Zurich, Switzerland Freestyle.ch is the largest freestyle sport event in Europe. The best snowboarders, free skiers, FMXers, skateboarders and mountain bikers from around the world exhibit…
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A Guide to the Best Ski Goggles 2015

Zeal Optics HD Camera goggles Zeal Optics HD Camera ski goggles is not only just a snow goggle with cool features , built inside this hi tech gadget is a video camera that captures all your exploits on the slopes in full 1080p. Apart from…
Things You Need For A Skiing Holiday

The History of the Ski Chalet Holiday

The word chalet is derived from the Latin word ‘Calittum’ meaning ‘Shelter’ or ‘Hut of a Herder’. A chalet otherwise known as Swiss chalet is native to the Alpine region of Europe. The dictionary defines a chalet as ‘A wooden dwelling with a sloping roof and widely overhanging eaves, common in Switzerland and other Alpine regions.
Things You Need For A Skiing Holiday

La Tania Ski Resort – The Secret Of The 3 Valleys

La Tania is located right at the centre of the 3 valleys, nestled in the heart of a magnificent forest. It is a family friendly pedestrian ski resort in the Courchevel valley just 25 minutes drive from Moutiers, which is the access point to the 3 valleys. The resort sits at a height of 1400 meters and is the youngest among the other ski resorts within the valley.